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Here they are: Check out the Awesome Science Videos Blog, miniblog, forum – it’s got everything. Professor Colquhoun – star of Channel 4 news (special youtube version with subtitles available at gimpyblog). (apparently, if we all link it like this: Patrick Holford, then it will get a higher ranking from Google). Evidence-based drugs policy campaigners Homeopathy a hot topic here at the mo. An old favourite. Not just a blog, but a quackometer service.

Dr Aust’s Spleen … There is some absolutely cracking stuff on here. Particularly on homeopathy.

My blog | Stuff about bad science thereon | My “mini-blog”

Extraordinary Claims A letter that should be sent – worth reading. DC on C4 – check the subtitled video.


Stop Sylvia Browne!

Some Atheist Sites:

Another new site: (well, it’s new to me anyway).

Skeptical Surfer (Host of the 78th Skeptics’ Circle)

Gillian McKeith

membracid – includes ‘Greatest Skeptical Hits’

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  1. jdc325 said,

    Apologies for the broken links in this post. I think I’ve fixed them now.

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