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Just a brief post today on campaigns.

Ben Goldacre’s latest post is on biometrics and ID theft – and one of the comments on his blog linked to this site: Apparently, “NOW is the time to write to your MP via asking that he or she demand an immediate and permanent stop to all development of ID cards and a National Identity Register. If you don’t already know his or her position, you can check how your MP voted on the ID cards legislation at“. The ORG site is also worth a look – Open Rights Group.

Pyjamas in Bananas had a recent(ish) post on the blasphemy laws in the UK. PJ linked to this site:

Prof David Colquhoun linked to a another PM petition on a while ago, regarding unproven treatments – Health Claims Petition. Here’s another PM petition, this time on homeopathy: Homeopathy – there’s nothing to it. Kudos to Colm Quinn for the homeopathy petition.

EDIT: Useful links / email addresses to follow – most are taken from the Bad Science Forum (Activism section).
Freedom of Information Requests / Writing to the Newspapers / Complaints on TV Shows; Adverts; Products & In-store adverts /,

Broadcasting codes: available on the OFCOM website

The ASA deal with advertising complaints:

Trading Standards deal with in-store advertising (amongst other things).

Linked from Trading Standards are these ‘Consumer Direct’ pages:,,


  1. gimpy said,

    cheers jdc but you really need to learn how to stick links on words, the aesthetics displease.


  2. jdc325 said,

    Done. Cheers, Gimpy.

  3. Campaigns said,

    […] Pandagon created an interesting post today on Campaigns […]

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