Did You Just Call Me A Cult?

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In the wake of Ben Goldacre’s excellent recent articles on homeopathy in The Lancet and The Guardian (reproduced in The Daily Mail), several blogs have been started with the intention of defending the indefensible – homeopathy.

The blog ‘Free To Choose Health’ has alleged that commentors on the blog are members of a ‘Bad Science Cult’ – in a post apparently free of irony. The post (helpfully) has a definition of a cult at the beginning – a definition that does not fit the commentors he is talking about. These people are not ‘followers of an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices’ and the Bad Science blog is definitely not an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices.

I prefer the Laughing My Socks Off blog. At least here a sense of humour is in evidence and comments are allowed without the ridiculous proviso that you must ‘declare your allegiance to the Bad Science cult’ prior to posting any comments that dissent from the author’s pet views – as is the case on ‘Free To Choose Health’. My only criticisms of the LMSO blog are that it features too many homeopathic fallacies and does not feature enough socks.

The blog newparadigmmedicine hasn’t really got off the ground yet, but no doubt that will soon change.

The Goodscience blog has some excellent comments and questions. I particularly liked M Simpson’s question here: Homeopathy: Frontier Science. Gimpy also features in this thread.

What’s wrong with homeopathy, anyway? I mean, it’s harmless, isn’t it? What we need is a good old-fashioned paradigm shift. Into the quantum world. Woo!

Homeopathy Links:

Single Posts on Homeopathy Here:

Google ‘Homeopathy’ and several of the hits on the first page may be useful: like this one. Or this one. These reliable sites will link to others – there is a site called EBM-first and they have a homeopathy category. You can also find out more about: homeopathy in animals; sympathetic magic; the Bad Homeopath and Bandolier’s systematic review of systematic reviews.

For background information, wikipedia is a great place to start your research (and a lousy place to finish it). Though they will probably have definitions of terms such as ‘Paradigm Shift’ etc… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page.


  1. freetochoosehealth said,


  2. Krishna said,

    Can any one expect an article in favour of Homoeopathy in magazines which aremouthpiece of Allopathic profession?? Basically those who write these articles are dont deserve comments because they lack the basic knowledge of How Homoeopathy works. Secondly they try to attact Homoeopathic doctors but do not have the sincerity to verify the truth with the patients who are cured by Homoeopathy. They do not see anything out side the realm of patented system and medicines.
    As such those Homoeopathy supporters care less for such writings!!!
    If somebody beieves that they have suceeded in belittling the Homoeopathic System they are sadly mistaken.

  3. jdc325 said,

    Re “they lack the basic knowledge of How Homoeopathy works” – Unfortunately, homeopathy doesn’t work. The ‘basic knowledge of how homeopathy works’ is therefore unattainable.
    There is no mechanism of action, because there is no action.

  4. Dr. Rahul Kolamkar said,

    You are a silly person who says that there is no god because U cannot see him. God always shows his presence through miracles. It doesn’t mean that God is not there???? Then you will say we dont have eletric power…. Govt. is make us bluff??? NO u cant because your instruments are working… So you can’t . The same way If want to Know homoeopathy you have to go through its fundamentals. Like results and then speak out… Ask God to show his presences. … ask electricity to show its presence? how will they show ….
    So dear grow up from your photo I think you are quit old fellow better go through books and then say that it wont work..
    You didn’t born with Allopathic principles in your mind. you have to go through it… isn’t it??? so now make a new start of your life and start reading Organon of homoeopathic which is the base of all. If you don’t understand come to India any undergraduate students will tell you what it is.
    I am realy feeling pity for you… beacuse u all live in society of narrow thinking… When Galileo Stated the Fact of universe even he was sentenced to death. Then what happened all are now going on the same path what he showed..
    The difference is that before Galileo it was taught that earth is in center. but no one thought of its reality. When he told it become reality. Now ask today’s child where is sun and earth. He will tell you the correct answer because he was taught from school.
    So to open your eyes youo need t go the school of todays where the new generation is realising the deadly side effects of your effective allopathy. Daily some body comes shouting eureka eureka and giving a new drug saying its better than yesterdays. But in homoeopathy the drug which was inculded 253 years before is still working with same effects and no need to upgrade because its all originated from nature. Nature which has created human and not synthetic chemicals which has created world.
    I think its enough for your small mind….
    next time come prepared by reading books…. of HOMOEOPATHY.

    Thanks for having querries . It will really help tp grow Homoeopathy because it will create more intrest and blaming is always done by the weaker who dont know how to defend……

  5. Nash said,


    Galileo was sentenced to death by the Catholic Church who believe in God. It was not other scientists who condemed him.

    Homeopathy was only made up 200 years ago, not 253.

  6. Dr Aust said,

    Rahul Kolamkar

    What are you a doctor of, might one ask?

    To both Krishna and Rahul Kolamkar:

    Many of the people who write unflatteringly about homeopathy – like Ben Goldacre, David Colquhoun and Steven Novella – know a great deal about it. Given their scientific or medical backgrounds I would venture to suggest they know more about the trial evidence both for and against homeopathy than many practising homeopaths.

    A further example of this is Professor Edzard Ernst, who actually practiced homeopathy as a doctor.

  7. jdc325 said,

    Dr Rahul wrote: “The same way If want to Know homoeopathy you have to go through its fundamentals.”
    This is a common criticism of homeopaths – ‘you can’t criticise homeopathy unless you have studied it’. Ironically, Prof Ernst has studied homeopathy and has even been, as Dr Aust points out, a practitioner. Yet his criticisms of homeopathy are ignored too. Ironically, not knowing anything about conventional medicine has never stopped homeopaths giving their opinions on ‘allopathy’.

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