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January 7, 2008 at 1:34 pm (Alternative Medicine, Bad Science, Bloggers, Media, Patrick Holford, Supplements) (, , , , )

I’ve seen a few websites set up to tackle individuals before – like, say, Sylvia Browne. I don’t think I can recall, however, seeing two websites set up for the same individual. Media nutritionist Patrick Holford now has two websites devoting to debunking his claims: Holford Watch and Holford Myths. This is quite apart from the other websites that have dealt with Patrick in the past: Improbable Science, say. Or Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science blog. Or at the Quackometer site.

Just what has Patrick done to deserve this? Well, click on the links above and you can find out. Holford Myths is all new and shiny and includes a fun video of Patrick on GMTV. Holford Watch has been going since March last year and has a quite prodigious output.


  1. menefreghismo said,

    Well, Professor Holford is always saying that, as a scientist, he appreciates scientific scrutiny. It strikes me that he is getting it by the truckload. Isn’t there a chinese cliche that speaks to this: May you live in interesting times?

  2. Susan said,

    EDIT2: This challenge has already been accepted by someone on the Bad Science forum, who will be taking Lycopodium 10M.

    The Gimpy Challenge (POSTED ON



    There was a documentary a few years ago called Supersize Me. It’s about a man who ate only McDonalds fastfood for a month or more. Big Macs, Egg McMuffins, Chicken McNuggets and more every meal, every day. His health deteriorated dramatically during this period, cholesterol soared, liver enzymes out of whack, etc. One result of this documentary was McDonalds eliminating SuperSize portions and moving towards adding more healthful options while saying these changes were unrelated to the documentary. It’s a humorous documentary with many implications.

    Google Supersize Me to see the documentary, etc.

    Why not do the same for homeopathy?

    Start taking a remedy a day for a month at a time. Start with standard Boiron 30C blue tubes you can buy at almost any healthfood and many drug stores. In England, the designation may be 30CH or 30D.

    Try Mercurius Solubius 30C daily for a month or maybe try the Hitler Protocol, take Belladonna 30C and Nux Vomica 30C daily or close your eyes in front of the Boiron display and randomly grab one.

    To adhere somewhat to classical Hahnemannian homeopathic standards, you should only take one remedy at a time. To make it easy, just one pillule under your tongue daily per 4th edition Organon methods. No need to dilute in water and succuss as in 5th and 6th editions.

    Since you blog that scientifically homeopathic remedies can have no possible effect plus you don’t have a belief in them and thus would not suffer any placebo effects, this is truly a harmless and interesting experiment for you to do. Then you can honestly post that homeopathy had no effect to PROVE your point.

    If you don’t accept this challenge, please let us know why.


    jdc325 (gimpy?) wrote:

    “I’ll do it if the remedies are free. I refuse to pay £5-6 for water when I can get perfectly decent stuff from the tap.”

    It’s not water, it’s sugar pills.

    Setup a free PayPal Personal account. I and hopefully others should have no problem contributing to your education.

    Let’s open our wallets and Gimpy/jdc325 open your mouth!


    EDIT: Why do homeopaths assume that all dissenters are one and the same? Typical paranoia and muddled thinking. What else do you expect from someone who thinks that non-existent medicine is effective?
    Clarification: I am JDC. I am not Gimpy.

  3. jdc325 said,

  4. Mac said,

    Certainly, Holford must not be Professor, because he is quack.

    However, there is more interesting fact.
    The “proud and mighty” David Colquhoun is not Professor longer. Here is his words from his blog:
    “”5 March 2008. Next Monday there will be a meeting of Academic Board to ‘discuss’ new proposals for professorial pay. Since I’m now a research assistant, I have no vested interest in the outcome. The system so far has been wrapped in mystery, Every year you got a letter to tell you what your pay would be for next year. The proposed system is available here. There are some good things about it. Unlike many of my colleagues, I have always felt that it should be possible for pay to go down in late life for people who cease to be productive. As long, of course, as people who remain productive after 65 can continue to make contributions (UCL has implemented the latter in a manner so stingy that there must be doubts about its legality).”


    UCL doesn’t consider Colquhoun deserves Professor title and doesn’t think that his present work is the fitting contribution into science.
    Criticism of bad science is useful thing, surely. But critic must not forget that good science is his own MAIN duty. He must be good scientist himself.

    12/3 EDIT by jdc: Dr Aust has responded to this comment elsewhere.

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