Blasphemy – A Victimless Crime

January 11, 2008 at 1:25 pm (Atheism, Blasphemy, Bloggers, Campaigns, government, Religion) (, , , , , )

There was an interesting editorial piece in the print edition of The Guardian yesterday on the UK blasphemy laws. Online today, the Guardian has a CiF piece titled “Is Nothing Sacred?”. This isn’t something I’ve blogged about before, but others certainly have. Pyjamas In Bananas, Nullfidian (in particular here: with the ‘Revoke-UK-Blasphemy-Laws’ Post, with a plea to sign a petition on the UK blasphemy laws) and Black TriangleLibelling God is another post dealing with this issue. More here and here. MP, Dr Evan Harris is working with the National Secular Society on the issue of repeal of the blasphemy laws.

The petition on UK blasphemy laws is here (well done to all those who signed) and The Guardian has an article on the blasphemy laws here.

BBC Radio 5Live had Evan Harris on the Richard Bacon show on Wednesday night. You can listen again here:


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