Homeopaths, Debate and Truth

January 15, 2008 at 4:56 pm (Alternative Medicine, Bloggers, Homeopathic Remedies, Homeopathy) (, , , , , , , )

They want the truth? Unfortunately, it seems they can’t handle the truth. Oh well. Homeopathy4Health has now stopped accepting comments from me. H4H has blocked a post from me relating to the evidence base for homeopathy. A typical failure to engage from the alt-med lobbyists. H4H’s entire original comment was “There is an evidence base.” An unsupported assertion – now why doesn’t that surprise me? But you can’t challenge this unsupported assertion… because your comment will be barred.

For another example, check out the bollocks blog post based on Archbishop Morgan’s “Winterval” speech.

This is the latest comment I had refused:

Morgan’s speech including “Winterval” is quite amusing. Unfortunately for Morgan and yourself, the idea that Winterval is an atheist fundamentalist idea is a canard.

And Birmingham Council’s response? “Birmingham City Council wants people to celebrate Christmas. Christmas is the very heart of Winterval”

How typical of a homeopath to be so cavalier with the truth. For something grounded in fact, why not try the ‘Unreligious’ blog posted here: http://unreligious.wordpress.com/2007/12/28/atheistic-fundamentalism/.

Homeopathy4Health is not the only homeopath blogger to censor comment and run from debate – FreeToChooseHealth was so censorious that the mighty Duck started an entire website to be made available to those unfortunate enough to have their comments deleted. There doesn’t seem to be much point now, though, as FreeToChooseHealth appears to have stopped blogging. This comment is also interesting. More censorship from a homeopath blogger who has now, erm… stopped blogging. NewParadigmMedicine’s last post was written on 3rd December. Since AP Gaylard started commenting on this blog, we’ve heard nothing from NPM. LaughingMySocksOff is still going but has descended into a parody of a homeopath blogger. LMSO is now questioning whether HIV causes AIDS. Nice. After a break for Christmas, WooWooScience has now posted on vaccinations and autism and Woodchopper has posted some excellent comments.



  1. gimpy said,

    Are you surprised? This is a profession whose own regulatory bodies do everything behind closed doors and refuse to curtail the more eccentric practices of homeopaths. Their whole profession is going to find itself in even more bother if they don’t learn to engage with their critics. For instance le canard noir has been posting some essays on ideas for the regulation of homeopathy. No homeopath has seen fit to comment.

  2. apgaylard said,

    I’ve got 2 comments stuck in moderation on NPM; one from 20/12 and the other from 27/12. Game over.

  3. le canard noir said,

    I have had a number of posts deleted on Homeopathy4Health now. The posting on the structure of water quickly fell to bits when it was pointed out what a crock of shite the Roy paper was that it should never have been published. Homeopathy4Health is now resorting to ‘who do you think you are, logic boy?’ style arguments.

    They must know thy have lost. Expect someone else to stop blogging soon as they realise that defending the indefensible is actually quite hard work.

  4. manigen said,

    Well no wonder they’re stopping if it’s hard work. You don’t get into homeopathy to do hard work; you get into it for the easy answers and lack of effort required.

  5. gimpy said,

    I think h4h has given up on the blog, woowoo, freetochoose and goodscience are also very quiet. Only poor old socks is still going and he has lapsed into aids denialism.

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