An Open Letter to JABS (updated)

January 28, 2008 at 1:50 pm (Alternative Medicine, Anti-Vaccination) (, , , , , , )

Dear Moderators,

Someone posted on your forum last week asking for advice. Their child had been seen by a doctor, who had diagnosed an ear-and-throat infection and prescribed antibiotics. The first response to this post is reproduced below. I’m saddened that moderators of this forum allowed such an ignorant and potentially dangerous response to be posted without making any kind of comment.

We have all on this site had the same reactions with vaccines given to our kids
I would stop the anti biotics as this wipes out his /her immune system. Then give him/her half teaspoon VIT A cod liver oil per day a good natural one not a synthetic man made excuse .Also ask for pro-biotics as this replaces the bacteria the ant-biotics have just wiped out (they do have them)and are given as routine in America when anti-biotics are used.
Get a clinically trained homeopath to give him a remedy there is one I have heard that is good at fighting the vaccine in the early stages.Also any wireless devices baby monitors etc..mobiles radios switch them of or keep them at least 20 feet away from the child as the wireless waves stop detoxification.
P.S. I am not a doctor just a parent trying to pass on some information that worked for us a bit

Unbelievable – first this poster advises someone to take their child off antibiotics that have been prescribed by a medical professional, they then advise Cod Liver Oil, Probiotics and Homeopathy as alternative treatments and, finally, they finish by advising that wireless devices – including baby monitors – be switched off or removed.

Later, the same poster returned and not only did they state that they stood by their previous remarks but they also claimed the following:

Ant-biotics wipe out all the GOOD and BAD bacteria which form most of ones immune system again exacerbating the problem and allowing the vaccine to run riot(not to mention mecury and all the other petrochemical bi products) .Yes antibiotics will stop an infection but I would rather take my babies chances with the infection than a wipe of ones immune system any day of the week

They also claim that “Cod-liver oil(natural ) boosts the immune system” and “children prone to autism have a biological deficiency in terms of methylation, meaning they can’t clear heavy metals efficiently”. I think this advice is reckless and irresponsible and that as moderators of this forum it is important that you take action to prevent such potentially harmful advice from being propagated unchallenged.


The thread on the JABS forum has now been edited by the mods and some posts removed. But not the reckless pseudo-medical advice. Link to what is left of the offending thread here: JABS. PDFs showing original, ‘unabridged’ thread: JABS 1 and JABS 2 show pages 1 and 2 of the original thread.

UPDATE 8/2 – the JABS forum has a thread titled “how this forum works” and this thread (quite rightly) now has, in block capitals, this statement – PLEASE NOTE: NOTHING ON THE JABS FORUM SHOULD BE TAKEN TO BE MEDICAL ADVICE. VACCINATION DECISIONS SHOULD BE MADE ONLY AFTER PROPER MEDICAL CONSULTATION WITH YOUR MEDICAL ADVISOR.
There was a BBC News report on the absence of a link between MMR and Autism recently that included “related internet links” and the only two links were (1) to a single journal and (2) to the JABS website. Having sent a complaint by email I was pleased to see later that the BBC had put up a link to ‘MMR – the facts’, but not so impressed with the fact that the JABS link had been allowed to stay. Black Triangle has an excellent piece relating to the amount of “anti-MMR opinion” published on BBC News and five British newspapers (online). I would have expected the Mail to fare poorly, but what is going on at the BBC?

MMR/Vaccine Info:, CDC, Medinfo.

Alternative JABS forum. JABS trolls. JABS blog.


  1. Skeptobot said,

    Excellent work! Hats off!

    Could we get a link to the thread in the article though?

  2. jdc325 said,

    Thanks Skeptobot. Have added links now. Weirdly, they deleted some posts from that thread but left the really dangerous and offensive stuff up. I emailed JABS admin to point out the thread I was worried about and they basically went “yeah, but mmrthefacts sometimes has bad advice too…”

  3. Jenny Tom said,

    Jabs is a sad knot of embittered people, none of whom have the slightest evidence that vaccines injured anybody.

  4. Andrew said,

    I’m fascinated that someone could believe that bacteria are part of your immune system and protect you from vaccines. Also, in Rand McNally, they wear hats on their feet and hamburgers eat people.

  5. Andrew Wakefield: Misleading and Irresponsible « Stuff And Nonsense said,

    […] you may wish to see examples of the comments made on the JABS forum. In which case, you can click here for more on JABS. This is a group that was used as a source of information by the mainstream media […]

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