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March 17, 2008 at 4:49 pm (Atheism, Blasphemy, Dawkins, Media, Religion, Rowan Williams) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

The National Secular Society RSS feed has provided some excellent stories over the weekend: First, Iran’s “Moral Enforcer” was caught, ahem, enjoying the services of a brothel – just the latest example of hypocrisy from a holy man. It’s a shame they are unable to live up to the standards they attempt to impose on the rest of us isn’t it?

Then, there was a story about Rowan Williams “turning his back on science”. Apparently, Society can’t handle science. Apparently, the archbishop will use a series of high-profile lectures this week to renew his call for people to pay more attention to the historical evidence supporting the Bible, rather than “ludicrous” conspiracy theories. Yes, that’s right – we should ignore the ludicrous conspiracy theories and instead pay full attention to the, um, Bible. “People get away with extraordinary assertions about Christian origins, which they have picked up from here and there, yet there is a mountain of research which is increasingly friendly towards the Gospels being reliable documents,” he said. Which gospels though? Apart from the four canonical gospels, there were others that were not accepted into the canon. For example, the Gospel of Thomas. Are we just counting the four that are in the King James Bible or do we pay attention to the numerous other gospels?

At least the Saudi religios have got their priorities straight: The Saudi vice police stormed a food court at a shopping mall, and told families to leave because there were no partitions to separate families from one another, press reports said on Sunday. Absolutely right. We can’t have different families eating together can we? God, the immorality of shared meals is terrible isn’t it? According to the Saudi edition of Al-Hayat newspaper, members of the Commission for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice stormed the dining area at the Granada Shopping Center, causing panic among people eating there. Well done. You complete morons.

This should be interesting – the Danish cartoonist who found fame (OK, infamy) with his cartoons of Muhammed wants to sell one. To be fair, he could probably do with the money – it must be expensive to live in hiding: “The small, ink cartoon is locked in a bank vault as Kurt Westergaard, 72, hides from Islamic militants who have vowed to kill him. The threats have made his life miserable but he puts a brave face on his plight.” There’s also a piece telling us that Muslim world launches new cartoon war. Ah, the peace and contentment one can find in religion.

Speaking of which, Congregation in fear after faith-hate attack on canon tells the tale of a clergyman beaten up in a faith-hate attack outside his church.

And finally, New guidance will help doctors deal with difficult issues of morality, which led Catholic and Muslim doctors to say they feared a “brutal” interpretation of the new advice that would not respect doctors’ rights to freedom of conscience or religion. Twats.


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