Homeopathic Debate – Weak

April 12, 2008 at 10:59 am (Alternative Medicine, Bad Science, Homeopathy) (, )

Just a brief post to highlight a couple of sites that host homeopathic ‘debate’.

I’ve spotted a couple of examples of homeopathic debate recently. HereAndy Lewis is commenting on the claims of homeopaths and their apologists that homeopathic remedies can work by interfering with homeostasis. The first mention of homeostasis is here – it’s taken the homeopathy supporters from March 21st until the 9th of April to fail to answer Andy’s question.

More examples were available on this thread at Hpathy forums. There is also a live version of the page – but you might find that it changes. You see, homeopaths don’t seem all that keen on debate. Here are some examples of deleted comments: one referring to an admission (or should that be ‘claim’?) that Big Homeo design trials to get the results they want; a request I made for clarification from another poster who appeared not to believe in gravity (same link); a question from another poster asking: “Would one of the administrators care to tell me why anything I post is deleted?” Again, this is from the same link – and the four posts that followed were also deleted.

These appear to be the two main tatics of homeopathy supporters – obfuscation and deletion. They simply won’t give a straight answer to a straight question. I wonder why.

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  1. Elennaro said,

    Debate in homeopathic quantities?

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