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October 21, 2008 at 5:03 pm (Bloggers, Miscellaneous) (, , )

Spotted this on teh Guardian site today and thought of DUllman. Disappointingly, the article doesn’t seem particularly relevant to our homeopathic friend but there are a couple of half-decent lines and one or two interesting titbits. This chap Gessen at one point apparently invokes Orwell and says: “Don’t imagine that for years on end you can make yourself the boot-licking propagandist of the Soviet regime, or any other regime, and then suddenly return to mental decency. Once a whore, always a whore.” Doesn’t pull his punches, does he? The article also reports that Gessen stormed into Gawker’s comments section and laid down a piece of his mind [which calls this to mind:] and it seems he got something of a shitstorm in return – “Gawker’s writers and commenters responded by performing close readings on Gessen’s posts the likes of which not even IA Richards could have imagined. Half a dozen websites sprung up denouncing Gessen and his blog.”

Incidentally, this bit reminded me of Marianne Mikko:

In 2006 US judge Edward Fadeley called the blogosphere “a veritable wild west of verbal ambushes and shoot-outs, with very little fear of legal recourse to keep character assassination, defamation and dirty business tricks in check”.

Here’s just one of my favourite Dana moments: homeopathic revolution. If you have any funny examples of Drive-By Dana visiting your blog (or any drive-by commenter visiting any blog, come to that), please leave a link in the comments section below.


  1. Dr* T said,

    I had the D.Ullman drive by here:

    Five ‘A’s of Empty Argument

    He’ll be along here shortly, just you wait and see…..

  2. wilsontown said,

  3. jdc325 said,

    Wilsontown – I thought I remembered seeing a couple of Dana drive-bys on your blog. Didn’t remember it being so many though – truly you have been blessed!

    Dr* T – I was half expecting him to turn up here, but nothing yet. Maybe he’s stopped googling his own name?

  4. Nash said,

    Another behaviour is the late last word. When a thread is months old, someone then posts a last comment in an attempt to make it look like their comment is the one that won the arguement.

  5. JQH said,

  6. jdc325 said,

    “Another behaviour is the late last word. When a thread is months old, someone then posts a last comment in an attempt to make it look like their comment is the one that won the arguement.”
    Yeah – I should probably stop doing that now I’ve been sussed out.

    JQH – you get an extra point for Dana’s use of the word ‘paradigm’.

    I think I once likened the Dana drive-by to next-door’s dog shitting on your lawn, but can’t remember where.

  7. jaycueaitch said,

    Re last-word posts, antivax (who I am pretty certain is one of the JABS regulars) tried to have the last word on

    I think the Dana drive-by = dog shitting on your freshly mown lawn point was made on the badscience forum.

  8. jdc325 said,

    Ooh, I’ve just this minute seen a cracking last-word post.
    Here on Ben Goldacre’s End of Homeopathy post.

  9. jaycueaitch said,

    Interesting logic: “Earth is not the centre of the Universe therefore homeopathy is true!”

    Doesn’t have the last word anymore btw.

  10. The 21st Floor » Blog Archive » Bad Argument of the Week X said,

    […] and then disappear. Commenters have listed some of their fondly-remembered drive-by comments from Dana Ullman on my blog Stuff And […]

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