Possibly Offensive and Potentially Dangerous Bullshit

January 6, 2009 at 5:11 pm (Alternative Medicine, Bad Science, Dangerously Wrong, Woo) (, )

Andy Porter, Psychic Surgeon, has claimed on his website not only that Schizophrenia is treatable by psychic surgery, but that it is caused by spirit possession. We shouldn’t be surprised that Andy claims that Schizophrenia is treatable by psychic surgery – he claims all conditions can be treated this way. According to his website:

Psychic surgery is able to treat all conditions because the healing is performed by spirit, not the individual doing the work, and as many of today’s ailments exist due to an un-balance in the spiritual body they are almost exclusively

This is obvious bullshit. Where (in my opinion) it becomes offensive is the statement to the effect that Schizophrenics are possessed by a spirit. That’s right – Schizophrenia has nothing to do with genes, environment, or neurobiology. You are simply possessed by a spirit. And Andy Porter can make you better. You don’t even have to pay for the healing! You simply pay £30 for his time. If someone told me that I had a condition caused by spirit possession I think I might feel offended by the suggestion.

Where (again, in my opinion) this bullshit becomes dangerous is in encouraging the idea that Schizophrenics can be treated by psychic surgery. Might this not lead some to assume that the drugs currently being used to treat Schizophrenia are unnecessary and can be dispensed with? I personally feel that there is a danger this could happen and I don’t imagine it would benefit the patient.


There is currently something on Andy Porter here: news. And Bad Psychics everywhere are being corralled here.



  1. Neuroskeptic said,

    Oh no no no… via a link on his site

    The Salt Pipe

    It’s a pipe with some salt in it, you breath through it and supposedly this “salty air” can heal lung diseases, including asthma.

    If someone decides that they don’t need their inhaler after breathing through this pipe someone could die…

  2. Mojo said,

    From the salt pipe page:

    “It’s all-natural, so you can take it alongside ANY medication. There are no known side-effects”

    Two huge red flags and a magnificent non-sequitur in those two sentences alone.

  3. soveda said,

    This is very depressing, medieval in fact

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