Cheap Lulz: Abusive and/or Bullshitting Homeopaths

January 29, 2009 at 5:28 pm (Homeopathy) (, , , )

OK, so a homeopathy forum may not be truly representative of practitioners of homeopathy but this thread is an example of the worst sort of homeopathic debate: ab-hom. In response to Gimpy’s concerns about the ethics of Jeremy Sherr’s proposed Aids trial, we see the following:

There is justice in this world. Don’t ever let these gestapo twits lead you into believing there isn’t. Evil only lasts a short time and it is always beautifully crushed in the end.Tongue We’ll all urinate on your grave one day, Gimpy!!! Count on it! Approve

Screw you! You’re nothing but a whore to Big Pharma and bogus intellect, and you know it. All you’re trying to do is waste the time of serious homeopaths, trash the forum, and get your bullsCensoredt view out. You don’t listen. You don’t think about anything other than your biased and corrupted view. What the hell do we have to say to you? It’s like talking to an evil retard. You’re trying to deny medical care to the world’s sick and dying children out there. Go burn in hell. Truly.

These posts come from DocQuack, who must be trolling the Hpathy forum – surely he can’t mean it? Later on in the thread he tells an outright lie involving me: “Isn’t it cute that I beat up on Deep Gully and some new a-hole named Synchotron admits that he is also Deep Gully.” I posted on there as Deep Gully, and someone unknown to me posted as Synchotron. At no point did they admit to being me – and if they had it would have been untrue. This lie was entirely the invention of DocQuack.

The other homs on there seem to be bullshitters rather than abusive liars. One even claimed that Hahnemann invented the RCT (bottom of page 5 on the linked thread). Bollocks – everyone knows it was Daniel. Teh biblical RCT. The same character also claims (prepare to laugh hollowly) that:

the declaration of Helsinki governs allopathic medicine.
we have our own ethics standards, which you could have found out while scanning the posts, because they have been posted here. they go as far as and possibly further than Helsinki

Should anyone like to find out more about homeopathy and ethics, they could do worse than start here: Ethics and Homeopathy.


  1. Alan Henness said,

    At least ‘DocQuack’ has the integrity to give himself/herself an honest descriptive moniker… :-)

  2. DocQuack said,

    Hi Deep Gully Dave, or should I call you Deep Throat? Oh, I’m sorry. That’s Gimpy.

    Nope. No lie. That’s how it read at my end. I checked it 3 times. The oddly missing post also vanished around the time a ghostly moderator came on and added to my own:

    “Edited by Hpathy Team,
    – this was not a professional looking picture.
    Docquack – you are walking a thin line.
    Are you Homeopathic Phos – no boundries?”

    Prior to that was where Synchotron stupidly admitted to being Deep Gully (not you admitting to be Synchotron), yet oddly that post is now gone. Hmmm…fishy.

    Keep in mind I have my critics and backstabbers among homeopaths, too. Why? Because, if you carefully read my pages and post history, you’ll find that I tell it like I see it…even if that hurts homeopath feelings. There are many areas where the skeptics attack us which are not all bullshit arguments. You have a lot of stuffy, elitist homeopaths who know everything and they resent a quack duck running around sometimes teaching them things. Some don’t like that I’m a Pro-Lifer. Others don’t like that I lecture against their voodoo drivel.

    If you study my work closely, you’ll find that I do maintain an intellectual honesty for even you and Gimpy as skeptics. And, yes, homeopathy does have many bullshitters. It’s a widespread problem. New Age voodoo, quackery, you name it. That is a separate issue from the reality of homeopathy and its validity as a medical science where practiced properly. Right there is where, if you be just an honest skeptic, it is very easy to be prejudice and hate it. I was like that once until I looked closer.

    Anyhow, the ghost post is being looked into. I don’t have the time to bother with it. If I have wronged you, my apologies but I do still suspect you and Synchotron were the same troll.

    There is also the possibility that the forum software was in error. I have seen it only one time before (about 2 months ago) where one poster’s quote was labeled as the quote of another. That can be confusing. And, in all fairness to you, Synchotron was making a quote at the time in that ghost post. He was quoting my grumbling, making a snide remark — a whole sentence or two — and, in there, he admitted to being you implicity.

    He didn’t come out and say, “I am Deep Gully”. I attacked at you, and yet he oddly defended you while accepting that attack upon you as a wound he suffered, and the User ID on the post quote was different.

    I don’t recall the words. Should have saved it. I did triple check things before making the accusation and that’s how it read at my end. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I pointed it out to the thread members and to admin, and now it is gone at the same time a stealthy posting moderator scolded me for being too rough on you crybabies.

    Could be an enemy of mine among the moderators trying to set me up like a fool, but that presumes I actually give a damn! :-)

    In any case, that’s the truth in all fairness to you if I have truly wronged you. Hpathy has your IP’s. You both entered the thread in attack of homeopathy at the same time. You both have Google email accounts, and subpoena of the Google server’s logs can confirm if you were Synchotron or not. I also messed up your hair enough to get Gimpy, Hinkley, you, and others visiting the pages and I thank you for giving me also your IP’s. Now I know what kind of brats homeopathy is dealing with, and it should be fun to keep spanking you each in the future.

    What interesting assholes you are! :-)

    Take care, crybaby! Don’t weep too much. Envision me wiping my ass and here’s another tissue from Doc Quack to dry your pretty little eyes, Polyanna. :-)

  3. DocQuack said,

    Wow Dave! :-)

    I didn’t expect you to allow that post. Hmmm…Maybe I should take some of that tissue paper back and save it for some homeopaths instead! :-) You might actually not be half bad! I’m starting to wonder if maybe you’re one of the few honest skeptics out there? If you are, I’ll go easy on you and tell you how it is truly:

    1) Homeopathy is for real. The physics of it and why the strange remedies work dwells at the root of some very earth-shattering, jaw-dropping nuclear physics nobody is supposed to know about. Yet, a minority in the world have for decades and that’s all covered in my threads. Here, dry those eyes, little girl! :-) Meanie Doc Quack has a dolly for you: I have engineered a simple experiment that even skeptical you can carry out for less than $1 in lab gear to prove the reality of homeopathy to yourself (nothing to buy from me and you probably have the materials at home, so it’s pretty much free to you).

    …There are other links in there which cover the science behind it and the reality of remedies. This is not an area skeptics can fight in anymore without looking like idiots more and more with time, and governments do take the field seriously (Just not in the public eye). Give it up! Hug your dolly instead.

    2) You can most certainly still argue efficacy, lack of standardization to the medical art, voodoo bullshitters everywhere you look, and actually the majority of the homeopathic world (not real Homeopathy) is quackery. I’d love if you kept bashing them on that; for maybe they’ll clean up their act all the more. Quacks everywhere you look! :-( But, the materials science end of it, the crazy physics, and that it works miracles where practiced PROPERLY and HONESTLY; that it has tremendous medical and counter biological warfare utility….that’s what I grumble about. That’s for real with no bullshit, Dave.

    Now, yes, there’s a lot of homeopathic stuff — and other “wellness” drivel out there — that is just plain full of shit. I’m right there with you on that! I fight with them all the time about it. The vast majority polish crackerjack certificates on their wall while pretending to be real doctors, and wanting to be respectable doctors. And they do some good at times, but you know what? Most have no scientific feedback on the efficacy of their methods.

    The ones who do better and more curative work tend to stick tightly to the scientific model that Dr. Hahnemann gave us. The true homeopath doesn’t deal in selling you supplement bottles, vitamins, and wellness consult every month. The more wild monsters can often lift you up off your deathbed with a just as single drop of remedy under the tongue. If that sounds crazy, think of Nitro as a dinky little pill. Think of LSD. Think of chemical weapons especially where a wee little droplet can be so wicked. It works like that, and that’s another reason you’re not supposed to know why or how it works.

    Keep in mind also that there’s a major difference between the bullshit homeopathy you see on store shelves and passed around for this or that (combination remedies), the pseudo-intellectual bullshit of the average certificated quackopath, and then those who practice it with scientific honesty, not voodoo and mysticism. Most go wrong by being dishonest with themselves at some point, and there is a whole affinity for voodoo that the Alternative Medicine crowd keeps.

    Now, the voodoo gets back to old vitalist physician perspectives of Hippocrates and farther back. Your atheist pals — like that Gimpy who writes about Satan as a “community organizer” — ought to like it; for the entire tradition is steeped in the Occult and rebellion against “The Man”. See, the science of it had to run and hide in the conclaves from Church persecution, and so that’s where the voodoo parts mingled in.

    That’s also where a whole lost element of scientific thought is still locked away and spoon fed to the world at times. That’s why you’ll find it sometimes odd that some of the world’s finest mathematicians and physicists are into some pretty freaky voodoo stuff. Pyramid power and all that. Hell, we have former LSD-loaded hippies at the U.N. trying to “channel” space aliens into their pink pyramid temples while scheming to govern the world. And the nut job scientists are far more scary; for some of them are Nobel-quality genius. They doodle on hard-core math and physics that is foundational to the future, and they go home to screw their wives under some mystical pyramid! It’s surreal, dude. It’s like a bad Austin Powers flick with Dr. Evil shitheads everywhere you look!

    As far as the Vital Force goes, I understand that bothers the atheists among you (I was an atheist and rebel Catholic for awhile) but there’s not really any religion to it.

    If you’ve ever seen the Star Wars flicks, the voodoo Vital Force we work with (or the Orient’s Chi) is like that, but far less Hollywood dramatic. It’s understandable when you start to unify the physics we know while considering some things we don’t know yet. But, on the really wild stuff you have to be a yogi, or kung fu monk, or a deep voodoo priest to get into that. The rest are dabblers and hacks. Jim Jones Kool-Aid drinkers for sure!

    The bulk of homeopathic practice doesn’t even require much attention to that voodoo side, though. You can get by with just understanding that there is a kind of spark, ebb, and flow to life in the body. Something in us when alive and fading fast with our last breath. If you’ve never watched people die up close maybe you missed that observation. Heat is one component. Charge is another. There’s nothing unscientific about seeing an aura to people — a strange kind of light or darkness in men. It’s measurable. In fact, the gear I give you will measure one facet of that. In fact, you can even see the Vital Force in you with that experimental design. No voodoo dolls to it, but you can keep hugging your dolly! :-) And that “Force” eludes us all because we only are measuring a few facets of it. The rest exists in hypergeometry, I think. It’s a long, egghead story but I have explained it — as best I can figure — among the links of the thread passed to you.

    For me, I guess it really doesn’t matter how the world persecutes and slanders homeopathy or how various fools practice it; for someday that will only make me an even more rare, curative monster. So you’re welcome to give the bullshitters all the trouble you like. I won’t beat up on Gimpy anymore. Had my fun. Maybe now and then a little. But, the more the world persecutes homeopathic bullshit, hell, that only makes me like a fine race horse. In fact, I’ll just charge lonely Hollywood movie starlets for my Stud Service! :-) See all those new Hollywood babies out there? They’re mine, Dave! :-) It’s my secret plot to rule the world through the upbreeding of the Hollywood Left. To hell with those pink pyramid dipshits! If you’re gonna be a quack and huckster, you might as well do it in style! :-)

    Now, I’m still learning how to properly prescribe for the harder cases. I study on my own and under the curriculum of a great homeopath, not through some crackerjack degree mill. In fact, I’m thinking that I may just never test or seek qualifications for the fun and oxymoronic factor. See, the really good ones often have no formal schooling in it. I’m not there yet, but the old-timers I study from are like that.

    If you want to know where real homeopathy dwells, it’s done olden-days style like when the M.D.’s used to learn their craft in apprenticeship under great professors. The rest these days is usually a money-grubbing load of shit.

    I don’t deal with curing your stuffy nose, but trying to fix the harder things that your M.D. doctor can’t even approach — and I’ve never charged anyone a dollar to date (Except for Stud Service, of course!). Even where I have a refundable deposit (to ward off non-serious parties), I’m always waiving it to date. People donate to me if they’re happy with my helping them, but I won’t take their money unless they urge me to do so. They donate more like that anyhow. I sell them nothing. I do have a book I’m working on and they’re all part of the research material, but that’s it and I give the straight scoop in there, too. The good, the bad, and the ugly of homeopathy with no shit. The homeopaths your anti-quack world hates, lots of them feed off milking clients or selling bullshit. There are good ones who charge for their work, and that’s only fair but, yes, a lot also specialize in selling bullshit. It’s just less organized bullshit than you can buy from the M.D. fuckheads. Full of shit “physicians” everywhere you look! :-(

    But, I promise you this as a skeptic: If you and Gimpy can manage to dry the shit from your eyes :-), put aside your prejudice, and have the intellectual honesty to look at it…studying some of my thoughts on why the remedies are working and the fascinating physics behind it…I promise what you will find is the future of real Science itself. No voodoo. No hucksterism. A whole new world of physics.

    And that new world will excite you because you’ll realize that even the stuff of the science fiction movies…that’s all possible, and sooner than you ever thought. Solutions to the world’s energy problems are there (but the energy rackets fight that), and that’s fine. But, if you have any love of rocket science and the space program, I want you to consider that the world is almost able to make birds go from here to Mars and well beyond faster than you ever thought possible. In complete defiance of Einstein’s speed limit, Dave. That’s what’s too cool about it. And, no, I’m not talking about little green man stuff or conspiracy crap. I don’t know about any of that probable bullshit. I don’t give a hoot about “benevolent space aliens”. I don’t “channel” them. To hell with that! You give me a little green man and I’ll cut that little fucker’s head off just to be on the safe side. :-)

    Speaking of little green men, you know what cracks me up? These conspiracy assholes talk of actually 4 alien crashes here! What? Are they a bunch of drunk driving fuckheads in hyperspace?! They expect me to believe that bullshit?! This is the same kind of voodoo intellect that often overlaps with homeopathy, so I guess that makes me a skeptic like you assholes! Maybe you better hand me that goddamn dolly back? :-|

    What I can tell you with certainty is that we earthlings can become those little green men, though. We can truly make birds to fly out farther and faster than you’ve ever imagined possible in the next 100 years. Star Trekkie engines? Piece of cake. Skunk Works can do it. Defiance of gravity? Easy shit. Structures? No biggie. All do-able. Luke Skywalker’s land speeder as your new car rather than these piece-of-shit, import, bubble cars and Greenie-mobiles? All near-term possible. Stuff mankind already has in the works. How to power it all? No problem there, either. Easy shit.

    Nuclear physics and rocket science — the kind you’ve never seen — are that far along now, Dave. Not in anything the civilian world can see. Not in anything the defense world cranks out, but mostly those subsystems are hammered away on continually. It’s been going on for decades, and, yes, nations murder over technologies like that. They’re too important, so conspiracy to feed the world shit on all of that stuff….well, that’s been the game plan and standing order for decades.

    Today, the orders have changed a little. A little more spoon feeding is allowed. You know why? Because the secret world is also filled with a bunch of goddamn fuckheads everywhere you look! :-( “The Man” needs newer, younger, more unruly thinkers to push the limits on what he keeps locked away. A new generation of youth need to have their text books upgraded so that they can be built into better, tamed pigs for “The Man”. :-)

    It’s critical because the world of real Science is running away faster than the aging secret world’s dipshits can handle, and we’re all royally screwed as-is.

    You know what the problem is in making a man-made UFO?

    We can’t put men test flying such birdies for long. The world hasn’t fully mastered the science of controlling such flight. We’re in the biplane realm of a new day in aviation and space flight. Energy issues overlap. Homeopathy’s mystery overlaps. You don’t understand it because you have to take your mind deeper into the physics, Dave. When you get there and fully digest it, I promise the little boy and dreamer in you will smile. No matter how much I beat up on you and Gimpy, you’ll thank me one day for leading your imagination down that optimisic road. It’ll take away the angry, skeptical asshole in you! :-)

    But, you know what? It’s also the ability to put continentally destructive nuclear weapons into the hands of every mad Gimpy blogger out there! That’s what happens when you screw around with real Energy science, not all this “energetic medicine” jive.

    You get all these academic hacks — the dipshit, do-nothing professors and eggheads — saying, “Oh, if homeopathy works, we’ll have to re-write the laws of science!” Well, yeah, fuckhead. No shit. That’s what real scientists do! But, it’s already done decades prior, Dave. Those yappers are basically on the Mushroom Effect…fed shit and kept in the dark; Grown to be nothing more than mushrooms all their lives. Arrogant, simple-minded, dickheads everywhere you look! :-|

    Now, I am not that good a mathematician or physicist, but I have tried to explain it within the limits of my capacities for even a doubter like you. I come from a family of mathematicians and physicists who were key to giving the world nuclear energy and other goodies usually 20 to 30 years ahead of when you get to see it, so we know a little something more than “Lay Science”. No bullshit. Oh, and how we know the atom all too well.

    What’s going on with homeopathic remedies, Dave, is a nuclear mystery — sub-nuclear, actually — but most the world’s nuclear physicists don’t get it. So, don’t feel half bad for being a dipshit and mushroom boy. That’s all part of the plan. It’s not your fault. Just keep hugging your dolly. Dry your eyes! My little squirrel gave you a clue, though. Made it easy to understand.

    I’m telling you — with no bullshit — that the reason you don’t understand the little voodoo pills has to do with that physics understanding. To understand why it works runs closer to the core of that GUT view which Einstein chased to his grave. My great grandfather was also chasing that explanation back then, and he operated at a much higher level than foreigner Albert. The bulk of his math and physics regarding the atom I can’t even tell you about, and you’ll never find it much in any college. There are some professors who know about it from contracting in secret with “The Man”, but what I’m telling you is that most the shit you ever learned in high school or college regarding nuclear physics and “Modern Physics” — the Calculus based classes, not the cheesy shit summaries — that is entry level Physics. It’s the McDonald’s cheeseburger Happy Meal the world munches on.

    So, it’s understandably all hokus pokus because of all the New Age voodoo and other bullshit that often surrounds homeopathy. The other part to your confusion and doubt comes from most the world still living in Classical Newtonian Mechanics while just barely digesting QED concepts. While they’re still chewing on that, the world moved to Strings and much more since then.

    As a skeptic and along with that Gimpy and his “Lay Scientist” perspective, what you’re living in is a world where societal control and establishment interests have corrupted real Science to the point that only about a fraction — mostly defense eggheads — actually have the true picture. And it is proper that things are that way, but the world’s educational level also needs to be carefully raised at times.

    I can tell you the majority of even the defense world are still clueless. The top, finest scientists, Dave. All fuckheads! The Presidents are always clueless; Same for most the generals. And the few who do get it in all nations agree that we can’t have that kind of understanding floating around too much. Not yet. It has to be metered to the herded cattle. See, we don’t want you learning how to build stealthy nukes without even any radioactive materials and from just Radio Shack parts any time soon. This is the problem. Right there, Dave. That’s the reason you don’t get homeopathy.

    Real science is always a double-edged sword, and the world may not even survive another century as Science evolves. And that new kind of nuke is only one nightmare scenario that comes from Science advancing too far beyond man’s ability to contain. So, do try not to worship that golden calf too much. It’s a real backstabbing bitch of Hell! :-|

    …Hopefully, that’ll put things a little more clearly in perspective and wash off your eyes. :-)

    Take care, Mushroom Boy, and say hi to Gimpy for me. Maybe share your dolly with him! :-)

    In all seriousness, the two of you clearly like to write, blog, and fancy yourselves as lay scientists. So, I’m just telling you that, if you want to stop being angry assholes and maybe someday write on more important things, all you need do is open your eyes. Follow the yellow brick road I’ve laid out for you, little girl :-), and you will find happiness with Toto, indeed. But you’ll never look at the world the same way again. I can promise you that with no doubts…if you have even the ability to digest it all.

    Enjoy your dolly, Polyanna! :-)

    Doc Quack

  4. jcairo said,

    perhaps this quack of a doc has self prescribed too often

    the stupid is strong in this one

    the last reply only proves the homeopathic axim that arguments are made stronger through dilution with meaningless word salad

    “Now, I am not that good a mathematician or physicist…” – Doc Quack

    The ONLY non delusional string of fixins in this salad, other than the second syllable of the online nom de plume

    Of this single aspect of himself(?) Dr. Mallard has a clue, the rest is very loose stools

    WOW indeed

  5. DocQuack said,

    Hello Dave,

    Got another dolly for you to hug! Come on now. Stop crying. It’ll be okay. :-) As for you JCairo…go to hell.

    Now, regarding homeopathy’s efficacy against cancer, this thread will take you to some of the most honest statistics you’ll likely ever find. I dare you to try getting a straight answer from most the world’s homeopaths in regard to their work against cancer — particularly their numbers of successes, flops, factors involved, and an honest assessment. As Sam Clemens noted: “There are lies, damn lies, and then statistics!” It is very easy to cook numbers. I have tried to leave my own as raw as possible, and to identify issues in detail so the cooking factor is minimized. The thread discusses some of those issues in properly assessing our stats, not really with a shit given for whether you buy into it or not, but for our own sharpening up in methodology.

    …That’ll give you a more honest clue into where real homeopathic practice stacks up against allopathy. In some areas, allopathy does better. In most, homeopathy — particularly where combined with non-bullshit naturopathy tactics and also some allopathy — does as well as allopathy and far better. This is heresy to the homeopathic purist, but the argument I continually make is that, per cancer type, the optimum Integrative Medicine approach is how you best serve the patient.

    …Since you have the honesty to not delete my posts, as Gimpy does, I give you here the truth as best I know it with no bullshit. Enjoy your dolly! :-)

  6. Alan Henness said,

    jcairo said: “the last reply only proves the homeopathic axim that arguments are made stronger through dilution with meaningless word salad”

    Phew! You’re not wrong there – it certainly waterlogged my brain.

  7. Alan Henness said,

    jcairo said: ““Now, I am not that good a mathematician or physicist…” – Doc Quack”

    He also knows nothing about electronics: Easy Proof of Homeopathy on $1 in Lab Gear! (

  8. jcairo said,

    Oh yes, Mr. Henness there is plenty of woo in consumer electronics

    Men in their 40-50’s+ claiming to hear the subtleties of $12,000 speaker wire…

    I’m sure the hell to which DoctorDuckman refers me is nothing compared to that so carefully constructed within his(?) own mind

    To wit:

    DocDuck (from the 24th and a half century!!) –

    I come from a family of mathematicians and physicists who were key to giving the world nuclear energy and other goodies usually 2-30 years ahead of when you get to see it…

  9. jcairo said,

    2 = 20

    sorry to misquote

  10. Alan Henness said,

    jcairo said: “Oh yes, Mr. Henness there is plenty of woo in consumer electronics

    Men in their 40-50’s+ claiming to hear the subtleties of $12,000 speaker wire…”

    I know…where did I read recently about someone selling extortionately priced power cords, claiming it made a difference to the sound quality…I suggested they climb a few pylons and replace the cables there with their ‘magic’ power cord – live, of course!

  11. Alan Henness said,

  12. jdc325 said,

    “Prior to that was where Synchotron stupidly admitted to being Deep Gully (not you admitting to be Synchotron), yet oddly that post is now gone.”
    I checked the thread pretty carefully when I saw your post and didn’t see anything resembling an admission from Synchroton that he/she was me, but if it was genuinely there then I apologise for accusing you of inventing it – I can only assume that either you misinterpreted whatever comment Synchotron has made or that he/she didn’t express themselves sufficiently clearly.

    “If I have wronged you, my apologies but I do still suspect you and Synchotron were the same troll.”
    Nope – genuinely not me.

    “I didn’t expect you to allow that post.”
    I try to allow all comments except those that are spam, libellous or seriously abusive (esp. those that would be classed as, e.g., racist etc). Everything else is pretty much OK.

  13. jdc325 said,

    “And the few who do get it in all nations agree that we can’t have that kind of understanding floating around too much. Not yet. It has to be metered to the herded cattle…”
    Ah, come on now – that’s just standard conspiracy theory bullshit. You’ll be referring to anyone who isn’t a high ranking homeopath as sheeple next…

    Seriously – you actually expect people to believe that homeopaths know more about physics than physicists? They might use similar language, but from everything I’ve seen the homeopaths misuse it in an attempt to baffle rather than use it in an attempt to describe how things are.

    I’ve seen words like “nano” and “quantum” misused by homeopaths who’ve been challenged on it and defended themselves, for example, by claiming that as there is an iPod nano, it must be OK for them to misuse the word too. It isn’t science, in my opinion – it’s a form of postmodernist bullshit. Copy a few equations, add some physics lingo and claim to have a model for how homeopathy works. The truth is, it almost certainly doesn’t. If homeopathy actually worked, then it would show up in trials. The fact that homeopathy consistently fails to impress in properly conducted trials leads people to be rightly sceptical that it may work. Homeopathy is consistent with placebo – we don’t need to imagine a new physics, it’s simply unnecessary.

    “What’s going on with homeopathic remedies, Dave, is a nuclear mystery…”
    No it isn’t – it’s regression to the mean, it’s the placebo effect. It is not a mystery. People often feel better following treatment with homeopathy because they expect to. When homeopathy is studied in properly conducted trials, we see that it is not an efficacious medicine.

    Interesting posts here on homeopathy: (includes references to memory of water, Milgrom’s use of quantum theory, Shang et al).

    The best, and most complete, post I’ve ever read on homeopathy –

  14. jcairo said,

    ah, but Mr. jdc325 you’re engaging with logic, reason and evidence

    Things that don’t exist in their “universe”

    I was yapped at by a group in a “political” blog

    One of their members claimed to be psychic and more sensistive to something, maybe politics

    I LOL at the claim and backed up the laughter with several examples

    Not one person in there spoke to any of the examples I gave

    In fact they only spoke of themselves, ad nauseam, with phrasing and terminology just like this canard

    the “psychic” couldn’t even telepathically determine the meaning of “straw man argument”, preferring to completely fabricate a new meaning to make her arguments delusions appear legit

    Not one of these self proclaimed progressive intellectuals called her on it – in fact they’d often just make shit up about almost anything rather than look it up

    Another member of this group has a cure for the flu – grapefruit juice, mayo and relish – and took offense at the suggestion a successful controlled study could verify their claim and earn them a wad of cash…

    keep up the good work

    long time reader

    and fellow closed mind ;)

  15. jcairo said,

    my paraphrase aboot diluted homepathic arguments is known as JQH’s Law (jaycueaitch)

  16. DocQuack said,


    I gave you plenty of scientific references and proofs behind the efficacy of homeopathic remedies. That is not to say a considerable percentage of homeopaths aren’t full of shit or hacks, but, in regard to the reality of remedies and the physics behind them….keep studying. You’ll catch up eventually! :-)

    Yes, disregard all that “quantum” and “nano” metaphysics jive. I know. I know. They easily make anyone sensible cringe. I’m not into that stuff, though. I deal with what is easy to measure and prove.
    There is a reality to voodoo in the world, but we don’t need to go pasting scientific babble upon it.

    Considering the low-budget nature of your blog and little site traffic, I seriously doubt you’re on the Big Pharma payroll. At least you’re not a propagandist of any serious impact. Therefore, I suspect you’re just prejudice, and, yes, homeopathy’s outward apperance makes it very easy to be that way. It is really only something people come to understand from seeing it work in people, INFANTS, and ANIMALS. Those two cases fail your placebo argument. As for your love of biased “scientific” trials…I’m not even going to bother entertaining the argument.

    Gave you plenty of truthful reading directions if you ever do care to look and see the truth. Won’t waste my time debating with those who are blind. Your twits who comment have a means for experimenting right there. The thread gave you ample reading materials and scientific research which has overwhelmingly proved homeopathy. If you wish to keep living in the dark ages, that’s your problem. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, though. Thought maybe there might be some unbiased intellect to this crowd, but I guess not.

    See you around, shitheads! :-)

    Doc Quack

  17. jdc325 said,

    “I gave you plenty of scientific references and proofs behind the efficacy of homeopathic remedies.!”
    No you didn’t – you linked to a page full of percentages on the hpathy forum that gave no indication of what had been done (the methods and results sections are the two most interesting parts of any research paper for me) – a list of percentages tells me nothing.

    “It is really only something people come to understand from seeing it work in people, INFANTS, and ANIMALS. Those two cases fail your placebo argument.”
    Wrong – and are good places to start looking at the argument that vets should use homeopathy. This page is all about homeopathy in animals. Children? Homeopathy doesn’t seem to work in childhood asthma or in ADHD – see and

  18. DocQuack said,

    Okay shitheads,

    The duck is back. Dave, you can’t read?! What the hell?! This blog is so full of shit it’s comical! Scroll down beyond the percentages through the whole thread and you’ll find ample reading references. This other crap you quite is mostly bullshit.

    Take care. Hug your dolly. :-)

  19. jdc325 said,

    “This other crap you quite is mostly bullshit.”
    Are you including the Cochrane review and the BMJ article in this?

    “Scroll down beyond the percentages through the whole thread and you’ll find ample reading references.”
    There are four links on that page. One is to a site that brings up a “403 error”. One is to another hpathy thread in which you describe treating a pet with homeopathy – the animal later had to be put down, so should I assume you aren’t claiming this as a success story? One was to a site describing the prescription of vitamins and herbs to someone with prostate cancer (who later died). Again – I don’t see how you can claim this as a success for homeopathy or Alternative Medicine. The final link I saw was to a page describing treatment of a dog with tamoxifen.

    You don’t even seem to be sure of what Dr. Ramakrishnan has done –
    “I forget what yardstick Dr. Ramakrishnan used.”
    This is an unfortunate lapse of memory.
    “As far as I know, he gave them pure homeopathy and often in 200C wet for both nosodes and remedy alternations.”
    As far as you know? Sheesh.

  20. DocQuack said,

    I was right.

    You can’t read. That’s a pretty cute bullshit summary of everything among dozens of links and hundreds of reading references. Biased, full-of-shit skeptics as usual. Towing some agenda, eh? Total waste of time even exchanging with you fools.

    Go play with your dollies and leave science to the real scientists, not lay hacks.

  21. jdc325 said,

    “You can’t read. That’s a pretty cute bullshit summary of everything among dozens of links and hundreds of reading references.”
    If anyone wonders how accurate my summary is please feel free to follow DocQuack’s link to the Hpathy forum here: Hpathy.

    “Biased, full-of-shit skeptics as usual. Towing some agenda, eh?”
    This comment is wrong to claim bias, probably wrong to claim I’m a full-of-shit skeptic, and definitely wrong in claiming an agenda.

    “Go play with your dollies and leave science to the real scientists, not lay hacks.”
    Oh, how I wish you would take your own advice.

  22. zeno said,


    I note that their hpathetic forum refuse to listen to anyone who is not already a ‘believer’. Can’t stand the heat.

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