Sad News From Wales on Single Measles Jabs

May 30, 2009 at 5:14 pm (Anti-Vaccination, Media) (, , , , , )

I’ve just been looking at health news on Google News and this article caught my attention: Parents choose single measles jab.

Despite official advice not to travel to a private clinic and pay for single measles jabs, forty seven parents are said to be “planning to do so”. According to the BBC report I linked to above, Wales’ chief medical officer, Dr Tony Jewell, said he was “very concerned about the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines”. He would “urge parents to contact their GPs surgery to arrange for their child or children to receive the MMR vaccine if they have not already had it. It is simple, quick and free.”

Dr Tony Jewell is not the only person concerned about the clinic that is offering single measles vaccine. Lay Science’s guest blogger DeeTee also voiced his concerns in this excellent blog post. The comments following this post by DeeTee are of interest, partly due to the presence of Celtic Leopard (AKA Cybertiger), a resident of the JABS forum. (Further reading on Celtic Leopard can be found here;or here.)

Of course, the reason that areas of Wales (and other parts of Britain) have suffered from outbreaks of measles in the first place is that Andrew Wakefield and the media constructed and perpetuated a scare that turned out to be baseless. You can read more about the media’s role in this scaremongering on the Bad Science blog and more about Wakefield’s research here in an article by Brian Deer or here on Left Brain Right Brain.

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