Chiropractic Dirty Tricks. What of the Repercussions?

June 29, 2009 at 1:05 pm (Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic) (, , , , , )

I was saddened to note recently the response that the blogger Zeno had, following his complaints to the General Chirorpactic Council (GCC). Detailed in full in this post, it seems that a chiropractor (or, worse, possibly even someone who is an employee of the GCC) has signed Zeno up to various catalogues and websites.

Some of these websites and catalogues are in dubious taste. Rather than simply harrassing Zeno by signing him up to ordinary websites and catalogues, the subscriptions include the British National Party site and an adult fetish entertainment website.

It’s an incredible way for someone who is presumably either a medical professional (or a member of a regulatory body for medical professionals) to behave. How can these people possibly expect to be taken seriously if this is the way they respond to criticism of their making unsubstantiated claims?

All the subscriptions were signed up to using a unique email address that Zeno had provided to the GCC. As he states in his letter to the GCC: “The only place I have used that email address was on my complaint letter to you. It would appear that either my details were used by someone at the GCC, or it was one of your members after having received the complaint letter from you.”

I’m rethinking my GCC complaint now – if this is the result of going through the GCC with complaints, then I might be better off reporting chiropractors to Trading Standards or the Office of Fair Trading and pursuing them through the courts. I bet they didn’t consider that possible consequence when they were signing a blogger up to various catalogues and websites in order to inconvenience him.

A British Chiropractor

A British Chiropractor

[The picture is from, the caption at the bottom is mine. For the full story of Zeno’s complaints to the GCC, visit his blog at and read through his recent posts.]

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EDIT 4.30pm, 29/06/09: Since posting this earlier, I’ve had an email from the GCC (at 16:24). Text reproduced below:

I recently sent you a copy of our Complaint Information Pack. I do note that I have not heard further from you in respect of the complaint you wished to make.

If you wish to submit a complaint against XXX XXX, in line with our normal procedure you will need to submit your complaint in writing, by letter, which should be signed. In the absence of a complaint from you, no further action will be taken in respect of your email dated 10 June 2009.

Coincidence, or do you think they read my blog?


  1. Simon Perry said,

    I’ve been signed up to a couple of sites too, but nothing particularly weird. If Zeno’s email has been leaked by the GCC, I suggest he report them for breaking data protection legislation.

  2. Andy said,

    The gun in the cartoon seems inadequate to illustrate this ongoing saga. In fact, I think the guy needs more feet too.

    Watching with interest from the bottom of the globe.

  3. Smart Bombs said,

    @Simon: Absolutely. Misuse of personal details in that way is a criminal offence under the data protection act.

  4. Simon Singh Case Response Roundup « God knows what… said,

    […] blog: he provides the letter he sent and the only reply so far a short acknowledgment. He also discusses the rather unpleasant implications of the ‘dirty tricks’ being played in regards Zeno’s e-mail […]

  5. Simon Singh and the British Chiropractic Association « Stuff And Nonsense said,

    […] complaining of a witch hunt, rather than defending the claims that were under scrutiny. I was also saddened to note the response that the blogger Zeno received following his […]

  6. Richard Williams (Sussex) said,

    Great blog!

    Astonished to read about the GCC signing Zeno up to various dubious sites. Not only is this illegal under the Data Protection Act (1984), but the source it is easily traceable.

    An electronic trail will remain on the GCC hardware, and ‘key-logging’ data will quickly identify the user by password.

    Go for them while they’re wobbling.

    (PS – Directed to this blog by Noodlemaz)

  7. jdc325 said,

    Thanks for the comment Richard. Just to be absolutely clear – it is only a possibility that it was someone at the GCC who signed Zeno up to dubious sites. I can’t be certain about who it was, but from what Zeno has said it could only be someone who (a) works at the GCC or (b) has been passed the email address by someone who works at the GCC (quite possibly a disgruntled chiropractor who had been subject to a complaint).

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