Homeopathy for Radiation Sickness Slammed by Experts

March 23, 2011 at 6:16 pm (Homeopathic Remedies, Homeopathy, Media) (, , , )

This is how homeopathy should be reported on by the media. The article opens with criticism of an alternative medicines business for “spruiking homeopathic ‘remedies’ for radiation sickness in an apparent attempt to capitalise on the nuclear disaster in Japan“:

The Homeopathy Plus clinic, based on the NSW central coast, said in an email newsletter yesterday that “with the increasing threat of radioactive contamination from damaged Japanese nuclear reactors, homeopaths continue to alert people to the homeopathic remedies used for either the treatment or prevention of radiation poisoning”.

The Australian decided to get quotes from Victorian GP Bill Williams (also a “nuclear safety expert”) and Nuclear radiologist Peter Karamoskos:

Victorian GP Bill Williams, who is also a nuclear safety expert, said there was “absolutely no evidence” for any of the remedies being promoted by Ms Sheffield being useful in treating radiation sickness.

“It’s not really very helpful for people to be promoting treatments in a dire situation like this, which could give people false comfort,” Dr Williams said.

Nuclear radiologist Peter Karamoskos said the claims that were made by Homeopathy Plus were “rubbish”.

“It is dangerous in that it might compromise proper treatment and give false security,” Dr Karamoskos said.

The homeopath in question “could not be reached for comment” but there was seemingly no attempt made by The Australian to obtain quotes from, say, a homeopathic trade association in order to provide spurious balance for their article. Instead, they apparently decided to ask genuine experts for their opinion and were happy to leave it at that. It’s an approach I would like to see the British media adopt.


  1. AndyD said,

    The Oz media often goes for that “false balance” you’re familiar with, where the idiots are often given the last say, but The Australian did run another story recently about a university chiropractic clinic aimed at treating children. I think you’ll like it.

  2. phayes said,

    Despicable ghouls.

    Better not read this unless your irony meter is made of pure adamantium:

    “I’m constantly amazed at the ease with which critics of homeopathy confidently declare that there’s no evidence for homeopathy, and even more amazed at the lack of scrutiny that’s given to this statement by the media. Whether this declaration is made through simple ignorance, stupidity or with the deliberate intent to deceive, would make an excellent topic for investigation.” http://homeopathyplus.com.au/?s=nuclear

  3. jdc325 said,

    @AndyD – thanks. I see it was the same journo (Adam Cresswell).

    @phayes – I might give that a miss then. I’ve had several irony meters break already this year.

  4. Neuroskeptic said,


  5. homeopathicmedicines said,

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  6. nobby68 said,

    homeopathic medicines a 19th century oxymoron.

    nothing but scaremongering, quackery and pure stupidity.

    unless of course you having to back it up with besides anecdotes, which i expect to follow?

  7. Kausik Datta said,

    What “Homeopathicmedicines” said above seems to be very date appropriate for the message.

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