Hitler and Vaccines

December 23, 2011 at 8:19 pm (Anti-Vaccination) (, , )

What’s more convincing than a Youtube video? Nothing. With that in mind, I draw your attention to this: Hitler and Vaccines, posted on Youtube by 101numbat. You can stop reading now and go watch the video.

For some reason, this video reminded me of the mainstream media’s vaccine scare stories. In particular, the articles I wrote about in the following posts: dangerous nonsense in the Sunday Express; Daily Mail on HPV vaccine.

I suppose I should link to some actual evidence too. (No serious adverse events were observed… Almost all of the local and general reactions proved to be of negligible intensity and duration and required no medical intervention.)

Or there’s this. (The HPV vaccines appear safe and effective.)

When the study reported on here is published in January, I look forward to serious discussion of the results and conclusions in newspapers such as the Express and the Mail.

I think in discussion of vaccines it’s often worth mentioning this paper, the abstract of which notes:

During recent years a scala of diseases or symptoms have been associated with vaccination (presumed side effects). Careful and extensive investigations have shown that such hypotheses could not be supported. Examples are allergic diseases as asthma, diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis (after hepatitis B vaccination), autism and inflammatory bowel disease (after MMR vaccination) and sudden infant death syndrome. The total number of cases where at least a possible relation between side effects and vaccination is observed – apart from local reactions and moderate general symptoms – is very rare (about 0.25 per 1000 vaccinations) and does not balance the benefits from vaccination.


  1. Cybertiger said,

    jdc523 is now playing the Nazi card – reductio ad hitlerum.



  2. jdc325 said,

    It’s a bit tricky to pimp someone’s Downfall parody without mentioning Hitler. If I’ve godwinned then I can only apologise.

    Still, it could be worse. Some people must have real difficulty with Godwin’s Law.

  3. Oliver Dowding said,

    Cybertiger, indeed.

    I’ve also noticed the mainstream pharmaceutical companies/industry/organisations undertaking similar “scare” stories.

    I forget the numbers who were supposed to die last year (and years before) if they did not get the H5N1 vaccine, but was that not an over-hyped scare story? Was there any commercial interest in keeping it high profile? http://bit.ly/uciIKX

  4. Chris said,

    Mr. Dowling, you might actually try reading the article in full, and actually watching the video. While you may not understand that your link is hilarious after reading on certain pseudoscience websites people putting their children on anti-virals for no real reason. It is all about context.

  5. Martin said,

    Heh jdc I can’t believe you didn’t anticipate a Godwin!

    It feels a little below the belt though…? I expect anti-vaccine types could as easily make one based around Nazis as Big Pharma; none of this really contributes to understanding and instead encourages tribal polarisations. Webkitten is obviously already polarised beyond redemption, but there are plenty of people out there with at least some passing cognition

  6. david said,

    Very amusing video. Who would have thought anti-vaccination celebrities had so much in common with an insanely raging Hitler (Der Untergang, 2004), but the resemblance is remarkable.

  7. Cybertiger said,

    Ah, in prance Martin, Chris and david, the three thoughtless musketeers of lowly cognition and brainless polarisation, Godwin’s lawyers one and all. Vacuous goons!

  8. Peebs said,

    Perhaps I’ve misunderstood the whole concept of Godwin’s but surely it was invoked by the makers of the clip rather than jdc.

  9. Cybertiger said,

    Oh Lord, another idiot ad hitlerum

  10. Chris said,

    Except, cynickitty, you’ve never educate me by actually answering my questions. Do tell us why Tamiflu is bad, but it is okay for parents of autistic kids to put their kids on Valtrex (Valacyclovir)?

    Here that other question again, in case you forgot:
    Just list the title, journal, date and authors of the papers written before 1997 that show there was a problem with the MMR causing autism in the USA starting in 1971. Surely, you know where Wakefield came up with his evidence to support his statements in the press release that were not evidence in his Lancet paper.

  11. Cybertiger said,

    The idiocy, it burns … twat!

  12. Peebs said,

    Oh lord, another ad hom from an idiot.

    Cybertiger, you are certainly beginning to fill the shoes of Mabus.

  13. Chris said,

    So you don’t know the answers, Cybertiger! [sarcasm] Oh, deer, all my hopes of being properly educated by the great orator of sense have been dashed. [/sarcasm]

  14. Cybertiger said,

    Wtf is Mabus? Half-wit! And merry xmas to you too, numskull!

  15. Chris said,

  16. Neuroskeptic said,

    Hitler gets a lot of criticism, but he wasn’t all bad – he did kill Hitler.

  17. The campaign against the HPV vaccine - Respectful Insolence said,

    […] knew it was inevitable. I’m just surprised it took this long. Then, via Stuff and Nonsense, I find this […]

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