Don’t Read The Daily Mail

September 23, 2013 at 10:12 pm (Media) ()

DM Reporter is launching the first annual ‘Don’t Read the Daily Mail’ Day tomorrow.

We are thusly forbade on September 24th from reading, linking, tweeting, updating, posting, critiquing, spoofing, complaining, borrowing, commenting or thinking about the Daily Mail. We’ll keep it out of the line of sight of those who have befriended or followed us. We’ll not start sentences “guess what they wrote today,” and we will not bite when Samantha Brick offers us an apple.

DM Reporter argues that the Daily Mail “doesn’t care if we love it or hate it, it only cares that we read it” – they don’t care who is clicking on a link or why, they only care that people are clicking.

Ignoring the Daily Mail for just one day a year sounds like an easily achievable goal (if you think it’s too easy, perhaps you’d like to pledge to ignore the Mail for a longer period of time) and if there’s a chance it might annoy the Daily Mail even a little bit I think it might be worth a try.

Anybody who would like to irritate the Daily Mail but does not wish to ignore it might like to consider other options. You could carry on as you are and continue to point out their factual inaccuracies or instances of their bigotry or hypocrisy (or point and laugh at them, or whatever it is you do). If you have a legitimate complaint about an article, you might like to try complaining to the paper (who will ignore you) or the PCC (who will likely fob you off). Or you could perhaps try something a bit different – like reverse incentives. Maybe you could find a cause that the Mail would hate, and donate to it every time it was criticised by the Mail? I’m sure there will be plenty of other possibilities that haven’t occurred to me too.


  1. Martin said,

    This is going to be like no-smoking day, when I feel the urge to smoke loads. Now all I want to do is read the Daily Mail.

    I suppose if I was going to be consistent, I’d talk like a Pirate on all the days that weren’t Talk Like A Pirate Day

  2. jdc325 said,

    Heh, I know what you mean. I must be one of those contrarian types. I haven’t read the Daily Mail yet today, but I bet a few would-be boycotters have already cracked and had a sneaky peek.

  3. truthseeker2013 said,

    It worked! I enjoyed 24 September greatly. The problem is I need to look at the damn rag regularly
    so that I have something to give to Goodthinking in their quest to correct. I wonder if the new organisation will be any better at highlighting the crap in the newspapers as a result of complaints….

  4. mythbuster said,

    That complete arse Edvard Ernst writes for the Daily Mail, avoiding his puerile septic rants is definitely worse a news years resolution. He actually believes chemo works and that the only treatment for arthritis is painkillers!

  5. jdc325 said,

    Feel free to post the links to those claims by Edzard Ernst and the evidence that contradicts the claims.

  6. mythbuster said,

    Oh he is a vaccine believer, he also thinks the only people who should be ‘treating’ patients is a ‘proper doctor’, you know the usual septic rancor.

    He claimed for ages that people who had neck adjustments for persistent headache and then went on to have a stroke were being injured by the neck adjustment. (Some of the studies he quoted were 1930’s no ages no nothing.)

    This was based on cherry picking, something he is an expert at, he never does any research of his own.

    A subsequent study of people visiting doctors with headaches that had no cervical adjustment as a control showed now difference in outcome, therefore correct conclusion should have been that people with persistent headache are more likely to have a stroke!

    I didn’t see him retract his bollocks study which is typical of the septic breed, quick to chastise but never apologise for blatant crap. If anyone was a candidate for the stake it is he. Good job no one takes any notice of him, except that is the Daily Mail – indicative of the level of his work over and over.

  7. jdc325 said,

    I don’t see any links in your post, mythbuster – just more unevidenced assertions. Try backing up the claims you’ve already made before making new, unsubstantiated claims.

  8. dingo199 said,

    For some time it has been the contention of chiropractors that when people have had dissections of the vertebral arteries immediately after their necks have been wrenched around, then the wrenching was merely coincidental to the presentation, and that the patients who had their necks wrenched were just about to have that particular rare type of stroke anyway, entirely coincidentally.

    How amazing!

    And for stroke patients to see chiroquacks only when they are having the highly unusual type of stroke typified by a hysical disruption of one of the arteries in the posterior cervical spine, but never for any of the other much more common types of stroke is frankly unbelievable.

  9. mythbuster said,

    I don’t know why you are mentioning chiropractors? I didn’t, can we keep on subject. Also you are just making assertions with no links which apparently everyone else has to provide but not the high church of septic.

    I am sure any procedure done ‘wrong’ is a problem. The point here is that when proper evaluations were done it was found that the same number of people with a headache who consulted a doctor who did not manipulate had strokes too – it effectively debunked the causative association.

    If you are still stuck up your arse with this septic belief system and don’t wish to come out of the dark ages – that’s your prerogative.

  10. mythbuster said,

    Anyhow if Eddy Ernst writes for the Daily Mail and he is a high priest of septic, what’s your position on the arse? Are you gonna buy it or write to Eddy, you could gamble, what’s it gonna be?

  11. mythbuster said,

    Eddy just looked any anything that had ‘manipulation’ in the wording. That is like me equating surgery to random stabbing, well it is making holes in people. Most surgery by the way has absolutely no EBM supporting it, I suppose if you are a medical priest how dare one question the master.

  12. mythbuster said,

    Well obviously everyone on this thread thinks Edvard Ernst is a cunt too, sorry count D.

  13. mythbuster said,

    I suppose Chris has gone off to put his white beard on for the next fantasy play?

  14. mythbuster said,

    come on Chris/rumplechristian let’s see the beard

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