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horoscopeFor me, the idea that the position of the stars can shape our personalities or our destinies doesn’t feel that bizarre. Probably because it’s so familiar. (See for example its influence on language and literature. Or the horoscopes that appear in pretty much every newspaper.) Some have been sufficiently interested in the claims of astrologers that they’ve tested how accurate they are when it comes to making predictions about people’s personalities or the future. Read the rest of this entry »

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Psychic Predictions and The Premier League: Genuinely Bogus?

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It’s just a bit of fun. The Guardian recently asked psychic Inbaal to predict which three of five possible clubs will be relegated from the Premier League. (Association Football, since you ask.) The piece ran in the sports section with two games of the season remaining and West Brom and Middlesbrough in desperate trouble, with Newcastle, Hull and Sunderland also in danger of relegation. What happened next? Read the rest of this entry »

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Belief by Numbers

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Are we dumbing down? Do we believe more readily now than in the past? Are odd beliefs more prevalent in the US than the UK?

According to the CBS news website in 2005, a poll found that that “Most Americans do not accept the theory of evolution. Instead, 51 percent of Americans say God created humans in their present form, and another three in 10 say that while humans evolved, God guided the process. Just 15 percent say humans evolved, and that God was not involved.” Read the rest of this entry »

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