Aporkalypse: Don’t Panic, Peter Chappell Has The Answer

June 13, 2009 at 5:02 pm (Alternative Medicine, Woo) (, , )

Recently, the World Health Organisation formally declared that “the swine flu outbreak is now a global pandemic; the first global flu epidemic in 41 years.” (BBC World Service) Within the last 24 hours, the BBC has also reported that “A further 83 new cases of swine flu have been confirmed in Scotland – the highest daily increase so far” (BBC News) and that “A further six cases of swine flu have been confirmed at a primary school in Sheffield after a pupil tested positive for the disease” (BBC News). Apparently, the race is now on to produce a vaccine (“Drugmakers rush to produce a swine flu vaccine”; AP).

Peter Chappell, however, thinks he already has the answer. Brace yourselves…

Click here to download Free Swine Flu Healing Download (MP3 file, 4.3MBs)

Well, I did warn you. If you haven’t heard of Peter Chappell (homeopath, visionary, inventor) before, then perhaps I should apologise for introducing you to him. But let’s give him a chance. Let’s see what he has to say about the theory behind how an mp3 can heal swine flu:

…the roots of this system go back before living human history began because it is based on resonance which is a fundamental quality of the universe and of all physical matter. Resonance is like gravity, it’s an essential part of existence and a core ingredient of every part of existence.

Resonance is very easy to understand. If you highlight an issue by resonance, like a swine influenza being highlighted to your immune system, you automatically create an immune defence response.

Resonance, in terms of homeopathy, seems to link back to the long-discredited idea of the vital force (for homeopathy, resonance, and the vital force: see Ute Seebauer on resonance; for critical opinions on vitalism, see Wikipedia or try this PDF, which includes the quote “Chiropractors can’t have it both ways. Our theories cannot be both dogmatically held vitalistic constructs and be scientific at the same time“: Meanings of Innate. The italics are mine.)

How does this mp3 therapy work?

The healing downloads method is based on resonance and a download or the pills cause a specific swine influenza resonance in your immune system so it acts to fight it off. In the early stages it will boost the immune system against swine influenza and it may stop it invading you or eliminate it before it gets a hold. If the influenza gets a hold it will strengthen the immune response. It will then work well with conventional medicines that attack the viruses and it becomes a win-win situation. Exactly how resonance works is a longer story.

Well, he hasn’t really told us how it works has he?  There is a mention of resonance, but not a proper explanation of how resonance works. There’s a vague reference to “boosting the immune system” but not a clue as to how the immune system is boosted and no mention of whether boosting the immune system will actually help you to get over swine flu.

At least Peter Chappell is not scaremongering about the aporkalypse, though:

Most people in the world will not get the conventional medicines they need in time. […] It is not certain that any conventional medicine will work in everybody and some people may not respond to the medicines. […] If there is really a general panic then it will be difficult logistically for many people to get near a doctor or the drugs. Hospitals will be completely overloaded. […] Supplies of conventional medicines may run out.

Oh. He is. And having scaremongered about swine flu, what does he have to say about panic?

The problem with panic is that it depletes the immune system dramatically and makes you more vulnerable to the disease itself. Treating the panic is as important as treating the swine influenza itself. We offer both. The panic could easily make the difference between you getting the influenza and not getting it.

Well, thanks Peter – you’ve just depleted my immune system dramatically with all that stuff about the logistical problems and overloaded hospitals. Not to mention that scary stuff about not responding to the conventional medicines.

He goes on to tell us how he knows this works, though:

My name is Peter Chappell and I have worked extensively in treating epidemic diseases using downloads and pills of the type above and I have extensively studied the effects on catastrophic epidemics like AIDS and malaria in Africa especially. [jdc: I don’t remember any news stories about Peter Chappell resolving these catastrophic AIDS and malaria epidemics – must have missed them.]

I personally am confident the above PC approach will work well for almost everyone both as protection and treatment. [jdc: oh, well that’s OK then. As long as you are confident…]

My colleagues and I have not been able to prove this in a satisfactory scientific way, due to the numerous obstacles to conducting quality scientific research. [jdc: apparently, it’s all due to resistance from the mainstream medical community…]

I find Mr Chappell’s confidence staggering. But perhaps I shouldn’t:

“…confidence is an effective form of persuasion – we tend to trust other people’s confidence, even when we shouldn’t” [neurologica]; there is also a book “about the human propensity for “tenacious[ly] clinging to a discredited belief.”” [the situationist]; then there’s our tendency to trust our own confidence even when we shouldn’t [On being Certain]. There is also the old fall-back for those who are surprised at the confidence of another and who wish to explain this perceived overconfidence: Kruger and Dunning.

For rather more sensible advice on swine flu, I offer this link: NHS introduction to swine flu.

Caution: the following link is for entertainment purposes only and should not be sent to any gullible and/or flakey acquaintances you may have… http://www.healingdownloads.com/swine-flu.php


  1. M Mills said,

    I’ve just sent this to their contact:

    I wish there had been some warning that this was the sound of the surf – I am extremely susceptable to seasickness and am now feeling green at the gills and…..sorry had to go and puke my guts out….and again. Thanks thanks a whole lot.

  2. AndyD said,

    In the early stages it will boost the immune system against swine influenza and it may stop it invading you or eliminate it before it gets a hold. If the influenza gets a hold it will strengthen the immune response. It will then work well with conventional medicines that attack the viruses and it becomes a win-win situation.

    Let’s see. Resonance will boost the immune system which MAY stop you getting the virus but it also MAY NOT stop it.

    But if you do get the virus, resonance MAY help eliminate it. BUT, if it DOES get a hold because resonance DIDN’T eliminate it, the resonance will STRENGTHEN the immune response – which it was already supposed to have done to stop it getting a hold but it didn’t do it.

    I guess we don’t know where that arbitrary “get a hold” line is.

    Once the virus does “get a hold” the resonance works WITH CONVENTIONAL MEDICINES.

    So, basically, if you take this you might not get the flu. But you might and it might “get a hold” in which case you should take real medicine and this will help the medicine do what it does for almost everyone else, even those who don’t also use this.

    I find that twiddling my thumbs does exactly the same things. May work, may not, can help, sometimes, especially if I also use medicine.

    And the “win/win” is?

  3. jdc325 said,

    It’s ridiculous isn’t it. It would be funny if it weren’t for the slim chance that some flake might see Peter Chappell’s site and decide that they didn’t need conventional medicine. Less bothered by the idea that someone might waste their money on a resonant mp3 as well as seeking proper medical advice (some might think of this scenario as a tax on scientific ignorance). Also in the unfunny column: Chappell’s provision of an mp3 for people with AIDS (see the articles I linked to just below the first Chappell quote – the Quackometer and Bad Science posts look at Chappell failing the AIDS test).

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