Here’s where I talk about me – well, about my writing.

Things I’ve Written Elsewhere

I have now started writing for the Lay Science webzine. My “Stuff And Nonsense” blog is indexed on http://www.badscienceblogs.net/ and some posts are aggregated on BPSDB (the blogging on pseudoscience database).

Here are my first blog posts for the Nadine Dorries Project: why & human rights. Dorries on Newsnight.

I have submitted some posts to The 21st Floor website, which is a site that “aims to bring you the best independent scientific and sceptical news and commentary in Scotland.” First post here: Dangers of Debunking. See also this on Skeptivism. Tagged posts here.

My twitter page is here: http://twitter.com/jdc325. My posterous page is here: http://jdc325.posterous.com/.

Favourite Blog Posts on Stuff And Nonsense


Deflecting criticism: the well meaning defence; Freedom of speech – not freedom from criticism. These posts are reflections on the way people debate – and sometimes try to avoid frank discussion of the issues. And here is something on the bias blind-spot.


I’ve written about the presentation of Serotonin pills in the media; I’ve written about reports that distort: The news you didn’t read; poor reporting of research: Curry can cure cancer; and the trouble with science journalism.


On torture; Government policy. Posts about my moral objection to torture (and the evidence regarding efficacy) and the emphasis given to morality, pragmatism, and evidence in different areas of policy.


I have written a number of posts about chiropractic – these are some of the posts that deal directly with the British Chiropractic Association: Chiropractic and the BCA research page; Helping the BCA; BCA response.


The powerful placebo. A look at some of the claims of the power of placebo – and the evidence behind them. The placebo effect in 60 seconds.

The Nutritionistas

Arguing with Dr John Briffa; discussing Holford and histadelia.


Looking at the value of alternative medicine: what’s woo worth?; looking at conflicts of interest and the cost of an alternative vaccine schedule.


Media nonsense: Swine flu squalene and Gulf War Syndrome; HPV Vaccination. Abuse of statistics.

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